Natalie Baker

Natalie Baker has worked in the legal, banking, projects, retail, hospitality and education sectors over a period of 27 years collectively. 

With formal qualifications in business and education, she delivers customised training programs for high profile clients across New Zealand. Her thesis research is about change management and its impact on staff.  Natalie is also a part time lecturer, NZQA Assessor and TetraMap Facilitator.  

Brett Baker

Brett has worked in the media (includes digital and publishing), banking (special projects), insurance, travel, not-for-profit, hospitality and education sectors over a period of 30 years collectively.  

With formal qualifications in graphic design, software engineering and business analysis, he uses his creative streak to turn ideas into solutions for business.  He has a strong focus on efficiency in operations. Brett is also a NZQA Assessor and TetraMap facilitator.