"Natalie is the ultimate professional.  We engaged Natalie as a consultant to our business and she customised a 10 week training programme to suit the needs of our business.  Natalie was full of energy and truly passionate about the work she delivers.  The training delivered was done so with a great knowledge and enthusiasm.  I would definitely recommend Natalie".
Helen Alderson

HR Manager, KMart NZ

Brett Baker is one of the keenest minds I have had the pleasure to work with.  He is a talented Manager, an intellect and production powerhouse.  I would re-employ him in a nanosecond.
Grant Shippee

CEO, Amorphous

I took part in a Communication and Customer Service training course ran by MaxQ.  I found Natalie and Brett Baker to be very successful mentors.  They maintained a professional fashion throughout the duration of the course but engaged the participants in a relaxed and enjoyable custom.  They were able to connect with myself and the other participants on a realistic level which gave them (and the course) authenticity and credibility.

Staff member, Pak'nSave NZ

Natalie's willingness to share her own experiences during her extensive career was invaluable. I have returned to work today with a lot of practical ideas that I will be able to introduce over time.

Executive Assistant to CEO

I worked on a few projects with Brett when he was with Amorphous New Media and I was a consultant to Nedbank in South Africa.  He impressed me with his ability to define a solution for a client very rapidly, showing great understanding of the clients need and the technical architecture around the solution.  I have no hesitation in recommending Brett in this capacity in any field.  He really knows his stuff and I would love to work with him again.
Frank Klopper

Managing Director

We recently contracted Natalie at the Fire Service to undertake 'Chairing Meetings' training for our management team. The response from the 14 that took part provided excellent feedback on this day session. More importantly, many of the tools Natalie provided to this group are still being utilised in our organisation. Natalie is an engaging and effective facilitator that I would highly recommend".
Rebecca Scott

Planning & Performance Manager, NZ Fire

I was lucky to work closely with Natalie, when I was with the team at Bright*Star training.  Natalie is a proven specialist in facilitation and coaching.  I worked with Natalie on both public and in-house training courses, where Natalie regularly received 5 stars from her participants - largely due to her adaptive style and dedicated manner.  She demonstrated sincere dedication and passion in empowering and coaching her trainees.  Natalie has the ability to relate quickly with people and communicate difficult topics in a simple manner.  I would highly recommend Natalie as a facilitator.
Stacey Hutt

Training / Marketing Executive

I have been to two workshops which Natalie facilitated and I can not recommend them highly enough. They were both 2 day Executive Assistant workshops and the first one gave me the lift I needed during a difficult patch at my work place. The second one gave me skills that I have found very valuable as an EA at a NZ University. The main outcome of these workshops for me was to give me the ability and confidence to continually ask myself how I can improve in my work life.
Inge Andrews

Project Administrator

Natalie and I worked together both when I was head of Mergers Acquisitions at Nedbank and also when I was running the retail division.
Natalie was always well organised and super-efficient operationally while also being really good at managing the softer "relationship" areas in the bank to get things done. She managed all this while also being a devoted mom to her kids.  Its inspiring to see Natalie branch out now to train and support executive assistants - a role I think she is uniquely qualified to excel at.
Rob Shuter

President & CEO, MTN Africa

Natalie is an inspiration for those lucky enough to be the recipient of her training and facilitation sessions. I contracted Natalie to facilitate a critical meeting of senior executives and asked her to lead a leadership session to give them the courage to be able to make the hard decisions to take our business to the next level. I had no need to be nervous at all, she nailed it! Not only that but she won hearts and minds and assisted me to take the business to the next level i.e. she bought in to my vision and enthusiasm. So I've hired her again and will continue to do so to help me make those critical changes regarding mindset. She's fabulous :) nga mihi nui.
Wendy Rapana

National President AAPNZ Inc

There were no 'cheesey' ice breakers or making people feel uncomfortable or like being in a classroom again, rather it was professional and you were regarded as an adult. The courses were entertaining but practical to my skill base and role.
Enver Skippers

Dept Internal Affairs NZ

From day one, Natalie struck me as genuine and passionate about learning and development. She is the calm in the storm, nothing is impossible for this unassuming woman who has made milestones and will continue to contribute to the professional development of EAs & PAs.

Mia J Hall