Online meetings

Tips to develop your presentation skills during virtual meetings. Explore a range of technical tools.


Use two models to unpack the various aspects of wellbeing, to create balance in your life. Topics include 

Office Management

This intensive course offers solutions to simplify the many responsibilities that an Office Manager fulfills in a fast paced environment. Topics include

EA/PA Masterclass

A great refresher to boost your confidence and help you prepare for the modern workplace – topics include

Chairing Meetings

How to chair a meeting effectively and manage team dynamics – the course includes:

Time Management

A practical course to gain control of your workload, review habits and become more efficient and effective.

Health and Safety

A practical workshop to simplify the complex with tips and tools to become crisis prepared versus crisis prone.

Event Management

This masterclass offers practical tips and tools to prepare a successful event. Topics include  


Be an effective communicator in a range of situations and gain insight into your personal communication style.


Practical skills to build a high performance team – topics include

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