Use two models to unpack the various aspects of wellbeing, to create balance in your life. Topics include 

  • Personality effectiveness Package;
  • Identifying time bandits;
  • Setting healthy boundaries;
  • Nutrition and Health;
  • Review of habits;
  • Goal setting;
  • Wellbeing models to support our learning;
  • Technology apps;

Learning outcomes:

This course will equip you with practical tools to help you find resources to balance the challenges in your life and help you thrive.

Interesting stories:

Douglas Beal · Global economic visionary ‘An alternative to GDP that factors in wellbeing’
Douglas Beal is a Partner and Director in BCG’s Social Impact practice and serves as a Global Leader of the Total Societal Impact Initiative. His experience and expertise include national development strategies, sector development strategies and enablers of overall economic and socioeconomic progress. He earned his Bachelor in Science from Cornell University and an MBA from Columbia University.

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