Simplifying your systems and automation.

As digital becomes more pervasive, businesses have embraced the power of the multitude of cloud products out there to stay or become more competitive. However this had distributed their data and complicated their information management. The result is its created a lot more back endfunctions that have to be done by people.

This has added a lot of unnecessary rework and more areas where data capture mistakes can take place and allow orders or customers to slip through the cracks. And ultimately is causing extra cost to the business.

We can help you Identify where integration can benefit your business and its processes and then Iprovide a solution or code one to suit your needs.

Types of integrations we can offer:

  • Online purchases to Xero Invoice and Payments.
  • Integration to shipping and stock management systems.
  • Data replication for In-depth reporting tools.
  • Integration into a document management or cloud solutions.
  • Even create links to bespoke systems or legacy systems your company may own

We have integrated with many systems, and have a deep understanding of the data and the business objectives most people require. We are also willing to look into new things and work with our clients to find a viable cost effective solution to their needs.

To give you an Idea we have Integrated Two different Websites (WordPress & Magento) for one of our clients to transfer all orders and payments from their two online stores to Xero their accounting package. This meant they were able to get their accounting package to be the centre of all their financial data in one place. and simplified the administration of purchases coming in from multiple websites.

Providing invoice link from WooCommerce to Xero.

Key Benefits for them were:

  • No recapture of client and Purchase information from 2 different locations into a third
  • Remove the errors caused by data recapture
  • Centralise their financial reporting.
  • Automate the follow up for unpaid or late payments on purchases.
  • Manage stock in a single location for both sites
  • Work reliably through a single orders backend instead of three.
  • Add tagging for more detailed reporting in Xero

Providing invoice link from Magento to Xero.

Key Benefits for the client were:

  • Both their eCommerce sites and transactions being in one place
  • All products, stock and financials tracked in Xero
  • Transaction payments and card payment details added to the customer automatically
  • Finance having the user details and address details of each client on invoice
  • Works with a multisite installation
  • customisable Accounts can be used and configured in Magento

Invoices in xero

Once the invoice is in Xero the templates can be used to customise ongoing confirmations or repeat invoicing at a click of a button.

Utilising the inventory functions within Xero we could track the number of products still on hand. this makes stocktaking easier too.

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