Working in our element!

TetraMap offers a program that helps simplify the complex, improves communication and lowers conflict in teams and organisations. What they needed was an eCommerce solution, that could also be the gateway to their online strategy of providing resources and ongoing support and education to their 2700 Plus facilitators globally.

Upfront we provided the Business Analysis and System Design components to help solidify their idea. then look to the future to ensure we chose the right platform to accommodate their future growth. Then Provided the development of their solution and project managed the entire roll out from beginning to end.

What we needed to do:

  • Provide user authentication and cutomised content by role.
  • create simple management of Multiple content types like, facilitator profiles , Case studies. Webinaars, Online learning and Secure access to resource Downloads.
  • Provide aLearning management system for online training
  • Provide Ecommerce functionality and the ability to do online payments
  • Publish blogs and newsletters and video content with a CMS
  • Handle multiple forms and their submissions
  • Redesign the look and feel to fit and enhance their corporate and product identity
  • Integrate into existing backend ordering system and update to current Version.
  • Integrate the backend into Xero fo Invoicing.

Clean meaningful design.

The client wanted their website to follow their new cleaner corporate identity, but still wanted the 4 elements of nature to come through in the design. which we manages to capture in the clean modern look of the site.

We also ensured there were plenty of styles to help cater for the multiple content styles. and elements to allow for highlighting and showing off key content.

All of this with the ability to edit and add to the site in a visually accurate WYSIWYG editor on the back-end in real time.

Solid eCommerce.

The site needed to have bot virtual and physical products displayed and sold on it. And the Payments needed to accept credit cards from all countries worldwide. Integarting with Stripe and Xero allowed us to automate the payment and invoicing process for the client.

This solution also integrates with a bespoke backend system that allows the printing and distribution of physical items to be managed tracked and automated notifications sent to the printers and shippers of the items in each reagion.

TetraMap Shop

Online Learning.

As the customer needs change they realised they needed to have the ability to have online training for their facilitators. We were able to provide this by adding in an LMS (Learning Management System) into their site.

This allows for creation of courses and the management learners for each course. and provides for the distribution of materials digitally and receiving of assignments and quiz feedback to the trainer running the course.

This has been particularly useful for distributed teams needing to do their courses and allowed the facilitators to be far more flexible with their delivery.

This solution was all part of their standard site management back end so not additional learning was needed to get the client using the solution. I also enabled the client to come up with new products and ways to help their customers.

Custom content types.

The site had to fill a number of roles, from sales to supporting existing facilitators, also creating community and providing training and digital tools.

This ment the site needed to have multiple content types and each content type would need to function and display in its own unique way. We manage to do this by creating custom content types and their associated Template s and CSS Style sheets.

This provides for a rich varied content type on the site and an easy way for the Admins to capture, manage and assign content to pages within the site. It also provided a simple way to include content like video and Podcasts into the site design.

In conclusion

All in all the solution provided has met the needs and in many ways has helped the client take ground in some new avenues and areas of their business. while alowing their core sales and delivery components to be updated and brought up to date with their new CI. and integration into their couud aps alowing them to save on effort and time to service their client base.

So if you need some or all of this too please don’t hesitate to drop us a note or give us a call.

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