Building the path forward is our passion.

MaxQ offers an end-to-end service to support clients understand their digital needs in an increasingly complex workplace. Our software engineer has built many systems over more than 23 years period and worked across most sectors.

We achieve this by:

  • Understanding the business needs and challenges;
  • Discuss the deliverables and capabilities required;
  • Critically analyse an appropriate approach;
  • Design wire-frame system and/or bespoke solution;
  • Build solution in collaboration with the client; and
  • Evaluate and refine as understanding deepens.

What our clients say:

Brett Baker is one of the most competent and effective project managers we have come across in our 25 years of business.  Brett Baker’s technical expertise, strategic and commercial acumen and exceptional communication skills has proven the difference.

Craig Steel, Principal of Steel Performance Solutions

Brett Baker from Max Q is significantly more than an IT contractor.  His range of skills are expansive and creative. He is a valued part of our team because he takes time and care to understand the business and client relationships. Brett constantly offers proactive suggestions as to how technology can help us provide more value for our clients,  and I’d say he is pretty unique in that regard.

Louise Duncan, Managing Director TetraMap International

Example: TetraMap project

Below is an example of what we did for TetraMap to enable their business to move parts of their training online:


TetraMap is an International Organisation that needed to establish a digital version of their Personality preference tool.  They contracted Brett at MaxQ to do a needs analysis, scope the project and deliver the solution.

Project Scope:

A digital solution had not been explored before, and could impact all the facilitators globally who use it.  He worked with the team to firstly understand the business, and then scope a “blueprint” for developers to use. Given Brett’s IT software engineering background, he was able to monitor development closely, including all testing phases.

Training material was created to support the internal staff as they transitioned into the digital delivery of Tetramap.  The tool is currently being used by their facilitators working in the UK, USA, Singapore, Mexico and Australasia.

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